TRUMBULL SEALED FLOOR BOXES are ideal to prevent fluids from penetrating the floor slab from either direction. Top side is sealed by an o-ring, and the bottom side can be sealed by use of optional packing gland. Overall length is 11-1/8″, but the underside is tapped to accept 2-1/2″ NPT steel pipe nipples for floors thicker than 11″. When it’s necessary to convert a Floor Box to thicker floors, use a 2-1/2″ pipe nipple, 1/2″ longer than the increase required, as the threads on the underside of the Floor Box are 1/2″ deep.

Tapped 2-1/2″ threads also permit threading 2-1/2″ pipe into underside of Floor Box, to provide an external casing for a smaller internal extension stem.

Floor Boxes

Material Trumbull Item No. Weight
Cast Carbon Steel* 367-4622 31.05 lbs.
Cast 316 Stainless Steel 367-4621 33.45 lbs.
* Carbon steel models are EDP coated.


BRASS BUSHING aligns extension stem when bottom seal is not utilized.

PACKING GLAND with stainless steel follower seals bottom of Floor Box.

POSITION INDICATOR can be used with either configuration at left.

Description Trumbull Item No. Weight
SS Packing Gland spec/ord 2.10 lbs.
Brass Bushing spec/ord 1.75 lbs.

Position Indicators can be found HERE.