Product Catalog

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NOTE: We are currently working on the 2020 Full Line Catalog, which will be mailed out in late-March. We sincerely apologize for the delay. You could receive new or updated product literature from your Trumbull Sales Rep, or accessing them from our LinkedIn page (please “follow” us while you’re there).

E – Meter Box & Manhole Lids, Water Meter Brass

The latest information for our “Polymer and Composite Meter and Manhole Lid” product line can currently be found on our Lids Brochure which is linked HERE.

G – Treatment Plant Products (Valves & Valve Accessories) Page
Round Valve Extension Stems G-2
Square Valve Extension Stems G-3
Top Nuts & Bottom Couplings G-4
Handwheels G-4
Ordering Information for Valve Stem Extensions G-5
Illustrations of Custom Extension Stem Applications G-6
Universal Joints G-7/8
Miter Gears G-9/10
Cast Iron Floor Box G-11/12
Sealed Floor Boxes G-13/14
Extended Bonnets G-15
Adjustable Stem Guides, Ductile Iron G-17/18
Adjustable Stem Guides, Stainless Steel G-17/18
Adjustable Stem Guides for Larger Diameter Stems G-19/20
Cast Iron Mud Valves G-21/23
Other Adaptations for Mud Valves G-24
Cast Stainless Steel Mud Valves G-25/27
Optional Mud Valve Installations G-28
Floor-Type Hydrostatic Tank Pressure Relief Valves G-29/30
Wall-Type Hydrostatic Tank Pressure Relief Valves G-31/32
Wallpipes G-31/32
Telescoping Valves G-35/37
32 inch Ductile Iron Pedestals G-38
30 inch Indicating Floorstand, Ductile Iron G-39/40
36 inch Indicating Floorstand, Ductile Iron G-41/42
36 inch Non-Indicating Floorstand, Ductile Iron G-43/44
36 inch Indicating Floorstand, Stainless Steel G-45/46
Hand Lever for Quarter-Turn, Above-Ground Valves G-47
Chain Lever for Quarter-Turn, Elevated Valves G-48
Ductile Iron Chainwheels G-49
Aluminum Chainwheels G-50
Stainless Steel Chainwheels G-51
Carbon Steel Chainwheels G-52
Chainwheel Dimensions Chart G-53
Chain and Connecting Links for Chainwheels G-54
Star Adapters for Direct Mounting of Chainwheels G-56
Chainwheel Attachment Sets & Discs G-55
TR Series Connecting Links for Sprocket-Type Chainwheels G-57
“Chain-Up” Device for Chainwheels G-58
Secondary Safety Restraint System G-59/60
Saddle Style Adjustable Pipe Supports G-61
Flange Style Adjustable Pipe Supports G-62
Link-Seal® Modular Seals G-63/64
Wall Sleeves G-65
H – Hydrant Parts & Accessories Page
Brass Hydrant Adapters H-1
Fire Hydrant Nozzle Caps H-2
Hydrant Valve Rubbers H-3
Parts for Obsolete Hydrants H-4