Used to operate overhead valves from the floor

Chainwheels allow operation of valves in high, hard-to-reach locations by means of a slight pull on the chain.


Pocket-Type Chainwheels use WELDED LINK MACHINE CHAIN, specifically calibrated to our Chainwheels.

316 STAINLESS STEEL Pocket Chainwheels

CARBON STEEL Pocket Chainwheels


Sprocket-Type Chainwheels use SINGLE LOOP CUT CHAIN.

DUCTILE IRON Sprocket Chainwheels

ALUMINUM Sprocket Chainwheels


Chain-Up Device

Chainwheels are installed to provide access to overhead valves. However, they frequently result in chain hanging into the pathway of workers, creating an obstacle course or safety hazard. The Chain-Up Device stores chain overhead and safely above the pathway.

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Safety Restraint System

Safety Cable Kits can be economically added to the Chainwheel installation to prevent serious injury caused by Chainwheel separating from the valve. One end is attached to the Chainwheel and the other to a permanent part of the valve or an adjacent pipe.

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