When you have to raise existing valve boxes to the new grade of a road to be paved – SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Avoid needless breaking-up of old concrete to raise the valve box – INSTEAD use TRUMBULL VALVE BOX RISERS. Simply remove the existing valve box lid, insert the riser and place the existing lid into the riser.

ALL sizes of TRUMBULL VALVE BOX RISERS accept standard 5-1/4″ lids; no need to purchase special 1″ riser lids. All six sizes of Trumbull Risers (1″ through 6″) fit into the top sections of Tyler, Bingham & Taylor, Opelika, Foundry, Central Foundry and many other manufacturers’ valve boxes, and accept most of their lids as well.


Use 1″, 1-1/2″ or 2″ Trumbull Riser inside 8″ SDR 35 or C900 PVC pipe to form a Valve Box. Then add choice of Lid, found here.

Trumbull Item No. Size Weight
367-5030 1" 6.00 lbs.
367-5031 1-1/2" 9.85 lbs.
367-5032 2" 9.75 lbs.
367-5034 3" 13.60 lbs.
367-5036 4" 19.20 lbs.
367-5038 6" 29.00 lbs.

Valve Box Risers for special sizes and shapes of valve boxes are available. Minimum order quantities are required.