When you have any of these problems, use Trumbull Curb Box Repair Lids.

Trumbull CURB BOX REPAIR LIDS solve all these problems on 2-1/2” and 3” Buffalo style curb boxes.

Repair Lids should be ordered based on the style of curb box that you are using (inside or outside style). Please note that old (outside style) curb boxes are still in production.

To install, insert the two jaws into the shaft and tighten the screw. The jaws expand to bear against the inside of the curb box. Designed to fit most makes of curb boxes, both old and new. Outside Repair Lids also work on most makes of inside style Curb Boxes; however, inside Repair Lids only work on inside style Curb Boxes.

Also available, T-372 Repair Lid for recessed installation in outside style curb boxes.

NEW Tamper-Resistant Screw Type Repair Lids. Secure your curb boxes from vandalism or unauthorized access. The unique keyway can be operated only with a matching key available from Trumbull. The locking option offers a high level of security for your curb boxes, preventing unauthorized operation.


New Style (T-373)
Trumbull Item No. Model # Size Screw Type Weight
367-4281 T-373 2-1/2" Brass Pentagon 2.45 lbs.
367-4400 T-373 2-1/2" Tamper-Resistant* 2.45 lbs.
  • All tamper-resistant lids require a unique lock key to operate. They can be purchased separately, shown below.


Old Style (T-374 and T-375)
Trumbull Item No. Model # Size Screw Type Weight
367-4282 T-374 2-1/2" Brass Pentagon 2.30 lbs.
367-4401 T-374 2-1/2" Tamper-Resistant* 2.30 lbs.
367-4283 T-375 3" Brass Pentagon 3.45 lbs.
367-4402 T-375 3" Tamper-Resistant* 3.45 lbs.


For Trumbull tamper-resistant screws. Item #367-4403. All lids with the temper-resistant feature require this key to operate.