3-in-1 Flaring Tools

1 = FLARES Type K copper

2 = RE-ROUNDS kinked or bent copper

3 = RELIEVES pressure when used under pressure

Whether you are flaring Type K soft copper, or using it to “re-round” copper for use with compression fittings, the KnuckleSAVER flaring tool provides safety from injuries.The shank of the flaring tool is drilled out and provided with a pressure relieving hole, to allow for use with lines that cannot be shut down.

Which one would you rather use?


Trumbull Item No. Size Model # Weight
368-0500 3/4" FRP-075 2.25 lbs.
368-0502 1" FRP-100 2.65 lbs.
368-0504 1-1/2" FRP-150 4.50 lbs.
368-0506 2" FRP-200 6.50 lbs.

ALWAYS use a brass hammer and safety glasses when using any striking tools. Brass hammers are sold below.


Trumbull Item No. Nominal Size Weight
207-7088 3/4" 3.20 lbs.