1/4″ wide x 10′ length, available in both inch and Metric models

 Most competitive models of diameter tapes can measure up to 20″ or 24″ pipe. Trumbull’s tape will measure diameters up to and including 36″ ductile iron pipe!

Also, we can now place YOUR LOGO on the labels. Inquire about it today!

  • A necessity for any water utility or waterline contractor! Know your pipe diameters in order to size your clamps, couplings and tapping sleeves accurately!
  • Automatically converts circumference of a pipe to its diameter.
  • Yellow tape with black markings.
  • Spring action returns blade to case.
  • Gift boxed.
LINEAR MARKINGS: First 12 inches of front measures to 1/32nds. Balance of front measures to 1/16ths.
DIAMETER MARKINGS: Diameter on back to 100ths of inches
Our tapes can measure the O.D. of 36″ ductile iron pipe!
Trumbull Item No. Measurement Scales Length Weight
217-6653 Linear Inch x Diameter Inch 10 ft. 0.20 lbs.
217-6656 Linear Metric x Diameter Metric 3M0. 0.20 lbs.
217-6659 Diameter Inch x Diameter Metric 10 ft. 0.20 lbs.