TRUMBULL ROUND VALVE EXTENSION STEMS are used to raise the elevation of both buried and “in-plant” valves having a 2″ square operating nut. We can also adapt to valves without 2″ nut.

The extension stem is made up of an extension rod (or pipe), a 2″ square top wrench nut (or handwheel), and a bottom wrench nut coupling. The wrench nut coupling fits over the 2″ square nut of the valve stem being raised and is held to the nut by two cap screws with jam nuts threaded in the bottom coupling.

The top nut (or handwheel) and bottom coupling are pinned to the extension rod (or pipe) which is drilled to receive stainless steel coil pins. The top nuts and bottom couplings are available in either ductile iron, grade 65-45-12, or stainless steel, Type 316. The pinned connections permit the removal of the castings so the rod can slide through Trumbull Floor Boxes and Stem Guides. Extensions can easily be shortened by cutting the stem & re-drilling for the pin.

Extension stems are normally furnished complete with top nut (or handwheel), rod, bottom coupling, two cap screws with jam nuts and pins. Top nuts and bottom couplings are also available for separate sale. Adapters can be custom manufactured to provide for Extension Stems on OS & Y valves (click here for PDF illustration of OS & Y adapter). Universal Joints, thrust collars & Miter Gears are also available.

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