TRUMBULL FLOOR-TYPE TANK PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES are cast in the bottom of tanks of treatment plants to keep empty tanks from floating from an excess of groundwater beneath them. When this condition occurs, the hydrostatic pressure will open the cover of the valve allowing water to enter, thereby equalizing pressure inside and outside the tank and preventing it from floating. They will start to open at less than one foot of head. Lugs in the body prevent the cover and strainer from becoming separated from the body of the valve due to flow. Both can be removed when necessary, however, by turning to the right or left.

Our valves use two Neoprene seating surfaces so that if particles of grit lodge on them, the head of liquid in the tank will force the valve closed, preventing seepage of liquid into the ground. These valves are for low seating or unseating pressure applications only. Improved design uses C900 pipe gaskets in bell to securely retain PVC pipe to valve.

Trumbull also makes Wall-Type Pressure Relief Valves, for installation in side walls of tanks.

Mud Valves are also available in sliding stem version with bench stand operator. In addition Mud Valve can be adapted for pneumatic cylinder actuator. Click HERE for PDF illustrations. They can also be used with our Universal Joints. See product drawings for weights.

Unique square design of our “QuadroSeal” Gasket surrounds casting on FOUR SIDES to prevent separation. This design also prevents metal-to-metal contact that can cause seating surfaces of iron valves to corrode into a “frozen shut” position. Click HERE for PDF information sheet.

Ductile Iron* 316 Stainless Steel
* Furnished with NSF-61, 2 part epoxy coating. ** For product weights, see PDF drawing file.

NOTE: Floor-Type Valves are cast in 4″ and 6″ sizes, in overall lengths of approx. 7-3/4″. The lengths can be extended by inserting C900 PVC pipe into the underside of the valve. The PVC extensions can be furnished and inserted by Trumbull to customer’s exact length requirements, or in the field with customer suppied PVC pipe.