Trumbull Wall-Type Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) are designed for installation in side walls of tanks of treatment plants. They are intended for low unseating pressure applications and will start to open at less than one foot of head to relieve groundwater pressure from the exterior of tank wall. For low seating applications, contact Trumbull.

Trumbull Relief Valves use two Neoprene seating surfaces so if particles of grit lodge on them, the head of liquid in the tank will force the valve closed.

The valve has a flanged body for use with a Wallpipe which is shown HERE. The flange drilling is according to ANSI 125# STD on both sides. The Wall-Type Valve uses a removable stainless steel hinge pin and two stainless cotter pins.

Trumbull also makes Floor-Type Pressure Relief Valves that keep empty tanks from floating from an excess of groundwater beneath them.

Click HERE for more information about our Wallpipes, which are used in conjunction with the Wall-Type Pressure Relief Valves

Click HERE for PDF information about internal strainers inside all Trumbull Wall Pressure Relief Valves

Easy access to strainer helps prevent blockage of flow that could lead to structural tank damage. It also facilitates keeping debris off seating surface that could allow leakage from tank. Wallpipes (shown HERE) are frequently provided by ductile iron pipe suppliers and don’t have strainers, The accumulation of debris on seating surfaces can lead to leakage from the tank. To prevent that condition, specify a valve with an internal strainer.

Unique square design of our QuadroSeal™ Gasket surrounds casting on FOUR SIDES to prevent separation. This design also prevents metal-to-metal contact that can cause seating surfaces of iron valves to corrode into a “frozen shut” position. PDF information sheet shown HERE.


Size DOMESTIC Item No. NON-DOMESTIC Item No. Weight
4" 1367-1572 367-1572 14.25 lbs.
6" 1367-1573 367-1573 21.45 lbs.

Ductile iron models furnished with NSF-61, 2 part epoxy coating.


Size DOMESTIC Item No. NON-DOMESTIC Item No. Weight
4" 1367-1560 367-1560 14.65 lbs.
6" 1367-1564 367-1564 22.05 lbs.