Traditionally, extension stems have been made from round stock, either pipe or solid round bar. Now, TRUMBULL SQUARE VALVE EXTENSION STEMS can simplify the installation when installers cut Extension Stems in the field for buried service!

The top and bottom couplings used with Square Extension Stems have an internal square cavity for placement on the square stems. The flat sides inside the cavity bear against the flat sides of the stem, reducing the dependence on the drive pin used to connect both the top and bottom couplings of round extension stems. This enables the installer to cut Square Extension Stems in the field and attach the top coupling with two cap screws, as opposed to drilling for a drive pin. Because of its location, the bottom coupling should be welded or pinned, to provide a secure connection.

When using Trumbull’s Valve Position Indicator for buried service, Square Extension Stems are recommended. They eliminate the need to drill holes and pin the stem to attach the Position Indicator and the 2″ nut in the field, as shown HERE.

TELESCOPIC Extension Stems can also be furnished with Position Indicators for buried service (Patent Pending), as illustrated HERE, The Telescopic Extension Stems use a 1-1/4″ square tubular upper section which slides inside a 1-1/2″ square tubular bottom section. This style has an adjustment range, which saves the installer from field cutting the stem to the exact length required. The adjustment range also provides for ground movement caused by freezing or thawing. The non-telescopic version uses 1-1/4″ square stock, either solid or tubular, as shown HERE.

Trumbull can provide Square Extension Stems complete with the required length of square stock, top nut with set screw and welded bottom coupling with two stainless cap screws and jam nuts. Or, the components can be purchased separately for non-telescopic stems, Click HERE for top and bottom couplings. The top nuts and bottom couplings are ductile iron, grade 65-45-12, or Type 316 stainless steel. Telescopic Extension Stems are furnished only as complete units.

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