TRUMBULL 36″ DUCTILE IRON NON-INDICATING FLOORSTANDS are designed for installation in treatment plants and pump stations to allow operation of valves at a lower elevation. Non-Indicating Floorstands can be adapted for various custom requirements such as:

*   Trumbull Valve Position Indicators; 57, 275 or 870 turns (mounted to top flange, with adapter)

*   Adapter flange for actuator mounting

*   Top flange drilled for customer-supplied actuator

*   Gear operators

Click HERE for PDF of custom Floorstand options.

Ordering Instructions

  1. Quantity required
  2. Floorstand item number:
    1. 367-2417(pedestal only, more info here)
    2. 367-2414(pedestal, stem, handwheel & coupling)
  3. If internal stem is required, state:
    1. D. of extension stem being used, for drilling of  connecting stem
    2. Carbon steel or stainless steel stem
  4. Wall Bracket, if required
    1. Ductile iron item number:367-2451
    2. Stainless steel item number: 367-2461

Pedestals, which have a wide range of uses, are available for separate purchase. Floorstands also available in indicating styles in ductile iron and cast stainless steel.