Certified to NSF-61 & NSF-372 in U.S.A. & Canada

Trumbull Mud Valves are designed primarily for use in settling tanks of water and wastewater treatment plants. They are for low pressure applications only; consult Trumbull for special requirements. Their intended use is to drain tanks for maintenance or cleaning.

Mud valves are furnished with a 2″ square operating nut; however, they can be supplied with optional extension stem or handwheel, click HERE to view.

This valve series uses bronze seats in the body and gate (also available with resilient seat). The cast iron body assembly features manganese bronze stems and guides for use in submerged installations. The fasteners are furnished in stainless steel to prevent corrosion from years of submerged service.

Valve position indicators are recommended with mud valves, to provide a visual indication of the valve’s position. See position indicator installed in floor box HERE or position indicator installed on a wall bracket HERE.

Nuts, bolts and gaskets for mounting to floor pipe are NOT furnished but can be ordered separately. Ductile iron components are coated with Tnemec N140-1211 epoxy, per NSF 61.


Size Trumbull Item No. Weight
3" 367-1414 26.00 lbs.
4" 367-1415 31.00 lbs.
6" 367-1416 47.00 lbs.
8" 367-1418 76.00 lbs.
10" 367-1428 95.00 lbs.
12" 367-1430 130.00 lbs.
14" 367-1431 142.00 lbs.
16" 367-1432 169.00 lbs.
18" 367-1433 256.00 lbs.
20" 367-1434 281.00 lbs.
24" 367-1435 450.00 lbs.


Size Trumbull Item No. Weight
3" 367-1421 25.00 lbs.
4" 367-1420 30.00 lbs.
6" 367-1423 46.00 lbs.
8" 367-1425 73.00 lbs.
10" 367-1494 90.00 lbs.
12" 367-1495 130.00 lbs.
🔴 Consult Trumbull for Availability
🔴 Consult Trumbull for Availability
🔴 Consult Trumbull for Availability
🔴 Consult Trumbull for Availability
🔴 Consult Trumbull for Availability

Mud Valves are also available in sliding stem version with bench stand operator. In addition Mud Valve can be adapted for pneumatic cylinder actuator. Click HERE for PDF illustrations. They can also be used with our Universal Joints shown HERE.