Used to Operate Overhead Valves from the Floor

For Trumbull 316L Welded Link Machine Chain

TRUMBULL CARBON STEEL CHAINWHEELS allow operation of valves, actuators, or gear boxes in high, hard-to-reach locations by means of a slight pull on the chain. Universal design allows Chainwheel to be clamped to a handwheel, or pinned directly to the stem.

Furnished with stainless steel attachment hardware for clamping to handwheel. When Chainwheel is to be pinned to valve stem, “Star Adapters” are available (click HERE for PDF information sheet). Adapter is pre-drilled with pin hole, and supplied with a stainless steel pin for customer mounting to the stem.

Carbon steel Chainwheels are finished with e-coating.

See also Stainless Steel pocket-type Chainwheels that also use smooth welded link machine chain. Our Ductile Iron and Aluminum Chainwheels are sprocket-type, using single loop cut chain. Click here for PDF comparison. Trumbull chain is calibrated specifically for use on the full range of Trumbull pocket-type Chainwheels and is required for smooth operation.

To prevent serious injury, we recommend the use of our Secondary Safety Restraint System. All Trumbull Chainwheels are furnished with a threaded boss for the addition of our Safety Restraint System.

Trumbull Machine Chain is calibrated during manufacture to fit Trumbull Pocket Chainwheels. DO NOT use hardware chain for Trumbull Pocket Chainwheels.


Size No. CHAINWHEEL Item No. Diameter Boxed Weight Handwheel OD Range Chainwheel will Fit** Bore Diameter***
TRCS-6PD* 367-1829 5-7/8" 8.50 lbs. 2-1/8" ID TO 6-1/4" OD 0.850
TRCS-8PB 367-1832 8" 14.35 lbs. 7-1/2" OD TO 10-1/2" OD 1.500
TRCS-12PB 367-1844 11-5/8" 18.65 lbs. 8-1/2" OD TO 13-1/2" OD 1.500
TRCS-15PB 367-1849 15-3/16" 24.75 lbs. 9-1/2" OD TO 17-1/2" OD 1.500
TRCS-22PB 367-1859 22-1/4" 34.80 lbs. 13" OD TO 25" OD 1.500
TRCS-29PB 367-1869 29-1/4" 45.05 lbs. 17-3/4" OD TO 32" OD 1.500

* D suffix denotes “Disc”, used in lieu of standard clamping hardware; see PDF of Clamp-On Attachment Sets & Discs for illustration.

** The ranges above are for Size “B” attachment stampings, furnished standard with TRS-8 to TRS-29 Chainwheels. Chainwheels can fit handwheel diameters outside these ranges by using optional hardware (see Clamp-On Attachment Sets & Discs PDF). Consult your Sales Rep for either shorter or longer attachment set stampings.

*** Consult factory if using OS&Y gate valves with stem diameters greater than bore diameters shown.


Size No. PLATED CARBON STEEL Item No. 316L STAINLESS STEEL Item No. Weight Chain Length Required
TRCS-6PD 367-1818 367-1815 0.35 lbs./ft. 2X drop plus 1 ft.
TRCS-8PB 367-1818 367-1815 0.35 lbs./ft. 2X drop plus 1-1/2 ft.
TRCS-12PB 367-1818 367-1815 0.35 lbs./ft. 2X drop plus 1-1/2 ft.
TRCS-15PB 367-1818 367-1815 0.35 lbs./ft. 2X drop plus 2 ft.
TRCS-22PB 367-1818 367-1815 0.35 lbs./ft. 2X drop plus 3 ft.
TRCS-29PB 367-1818 367-1815 0.35 lbs./ft. 2X drop plus 4 ft.


Size Trumbull Item No. Weight
One Size Fits All 367-1816 0.05 lbs.