TRUMBULL HEAVY-DUTY UNIVERSAL JOINTS are the answer to many common misalignment problems often encountered in valve applications. Access to valves in treatment plants is often blocked by piping, equipment or structural obstructions, requiring operation from a location that is not in line with the valve stem. The use of Universal Joints can help solve this situation, as shown by the typical application illustration on the right.

An optional resilient boot is recommended to seal and protect the Universal Joint, while still permitting full motion. The boot is packed with water-resilient grease on-site, keeping out contaminants and maximizing service life. The boot is furnished with stainless steel retainer clamps. Grease is supplied by customer.

Recommended maximum torque is 250 ft-lb. For applications with higher torque requirements, consult Trumbull. Maximum operating angle is 40 degrees.Universal Joints are bored to accept 1-1/4″ rod, but other bore sizes are available upon request.

Universal Joints

Material Trumbull item No. Weight
Carbon Steel 367-8352 3.65 lbs.
T304 SS 367-8355 3.70 lbs.
T316 SS 367-8356 3.70 lbs.

Boot Assembly

Includes two clamps

Trumbull Item No. Weight
367-8360 0.20 lbs.