Trumbull Wallpipes are 18″ long (overall) with a collar 6″ from the face of the flange; they can be furnished cut-to-length to meet your requirements. The flange is tapped for studs to allow the flange on the Wallpipe to be set flush with the wall. No flange accessories will be furnished unless ordered separately. Wallpipe and Wall-Type Pressure Relief Valve, shown HERE, sold separately. In order for the Wall-Type Valve to operate properly, it must be installed so that the bolt holes straddle the centerline.

Wall pipes are frequently provided by ductile iron pipe suppliers and don’t have strainers. The accumulation of debris on the seating surfaces can lead to leakage from the tank. To prevent that condition, specify a valve with an internal strainer.

When stainless valves are used, Wallpipes are furnished either in ductile iron or as fabricated from stainless pipe.


Size Trumbull Item No. Weight
4" 367-1000 33.50 lbs.
6" 367-1002 68.50 lbs.

Ductile iron models furnished with NSF-61, 2 part epoxy coating.


Size Trumbull Item No. Weight
4" Fabricated [ varies ]
6" Fabricated [ varies ]