Product Catalog

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A – Keys & Tools Page
Double Socket Ratchet Wrenches A-1
Adjustable Handle Double Socket Ratchet Wrenches A-2
Manhole Cover Hooks A-4
Hydrant Operating Wrenches A-5
Adjustable Hydrant Wrench A-6
Adjustable Storz Hydrant Wrench A-7
Diameter Tapes A-8
Main Valve Keys A-9
Curb Box Rods & Curb Wrenches & Keys A-9B/10
Lighted Valve & Curb Keys A-10B
Valve & Curb Key Kit A-11/12
Pentagon Hand Keys A-13
Soil Probe Rods A-14
KnuckleSAVER 3-in-1 Flaring Tools A-15
Meter Wrench A-16
Distance Measuring Wheels A-17
Shutoff Tool for Polyethylene Water Tubing A-18
Valve & Curb Box Cleaners A-19
B – Curb & Valve Box Products Page
Valve Box Risers B-1
“Rite-Hite” Adapters B-2
Valve Box Lids B-3
Locking Valve Box Lids B-3
Curb Box Repair Lids B-4
Valve Box Alignment Device B-5
C – Joint Restraint Products Page
Tie-Lugs C-1
Tie-Bolts C-1
Socket Clamps C-2
Flange Lugs C-3/4
D – Products For Corrosive Soils Page
Polyethylene Encasement Tubing D-1/2
Polywrap Tape D-2
Zinc Anode Caps D-3/4
Warning Tapes, Detectable D-5
Warning Tapes, Non-Detectable D-5
T-Head Bolts and Nuts D-6
E – Meter Box Lids, Couplings & Flanges Page
Polymer Meter Box Lids E-1
Polymer Manhole Lids for Large Meter Settings E-2
Polymer Manhole Lids for Sanitary Sewers E-3
Meter Couplings E-4
Meter Flanges E-4
Meter Yokes E-5/6
Expansion Connections E-5/6
Meter Adapters E-7
F – Valve Position Indicators Page
Position Indicators, Buried Service w/Square Extension Stems F-1/2
Position Indicators, Buried Service w/Telescopic Extension Stems F-3/4
Position Indicators, Buried Service w/Round Extension Stems F-5/6
Position Indicators, Installation in Floor F-7/8
Position Indicators, Installation with Wall Bracket F-9/10
Housing Adapter for Position Indicators F-11
Position Indicators, Installation with Floorstands F-12
G – Treatment Plant Products (Valves & Valve Accessories) Page
Round Valve Extension Stems G-2
Square Valve Extension Stems G-3
Top Nuts & Bottom Couplings G-4
Handwheels G-4
Ordering Information for Valve Stem Extensions G-5
Illustrations of Custom Extension Stem Applications G-6
Universal Joints G-7/8
Miter Gears G-9/10
Cast Iron Floor Box G-11/12
Sealed Floor Boxes G-13/14
Extended Bonnets G-15
Adjustable Stem Guides, Ductile Iron G-17/18
Adjustable Stem Guides, Stainless Steel G-17/18
Adjustable Stem Guides for Larger Diameter Stems G-19/20
Cast Iron Mud Valves G-21/23
Other Adaptations for Mud Valves G-24
Cast Stainless Steel Mud Valves G-25/27
Optional Mud Valve Installations G-28
Floor-Type Hydrostatic Tank Pressure Relief Valves G-29/30
Wall-Type Hydrostatic Tank Pressure Relief Valves G-31/32
Wallpipes G-31/32
Telescoping Valves G-35/37
32 inch Ductile Iron Pedestals G-38
30 inch Indicating Floorstand, Ductile Iron G-39/40
36 inch Indicating Floorstand, Ductile Iron G-41/42
36 inch Non-Indicating Floorstand, Ductile Iron G-43/44
36 inch Indicating Floorstand, Stainless Steel G-45/46
Hand Lever for Quarter-Turn, Above-Ground Valves G-47
Chain Lever for Quarter-Turn, Elevated Valves G-48
Ductile Iron Chainwheels G-49
Aluminum Chainwheels G-50
Stainless Steel Chainwheels G-51
Carbon Steel Chainwheels G-52
Chainwheel Dimensions Chart G-53
Chain and Connecting Links for Chainwheels G-54
Star Adapters for Direct Mounting of Chainwheels G-56
Chainwheel Attachment Sets & Discs G-55
TR Series Connecting Links for Sprocket-Type Chainwheels G-57
“Chain-Up” Device for Chainwheels G-58
Secondary Safety Restraint System G-59/60
Saddle Style Adjustable Pipe Supports G-61
Flange Style Adjustable Pipe Supports G-62
Link-Seal® Modular Seals G-63/64
Wall Sleeves G-65
H – Hydrant Parts & Accessories Page
Brass Hydrant Adapters H-1
Fire Hydrant Nozzle Caps H-2
Hydrant Valve Rubbers H-3
Parts for Obsolete Hydrants H-4